Bangaram Island Resort

Imagine staying on a nearly uninhabited island but with all the facilities right there for you! Yes, the Bangaram Island Resort on the Bangaram Island is a dream come true for many. Except for the resort's staff and a smattering of visitors, the island is as private as you can imagine.

The resort spans 128 acres, with the blue coral sea all around you. It is pure bliss to spend your vacation here. There are 30 tiled -roof beach huts at the resort. All the huts have en suite bathroom, ceiling fan and fridge. The palm-thatched verandah provides privacy, and is a great place to spend early mornings and evenings. The four bungalows offer more privacy to the guests. You will not find a hotel-like atmosphere here at all – relaxing in the sun and the sand is the mantra at the resort.

At the restaurant hut, enjoy great dishes from Continental and Indian cuisines. But the best options are recipes from coastal India and the islands of Lakshadweep. The bar at the resort is well-stocked and conveniently located just off the beach.

There's a professionally manned Scuba Diving facility at the resort. Amateurs and experienced divers can make use of the facility. The depths here range from 20m to 30mThe reefs of Bangaram have been frequented by experienced divers from all over world. It is ranked as one of the best across the planet. Old shipwrecks and underwater cliffs prove interesting spots for diving. You can watch fish, turtles, rays and other underwater marine life swimming about you. You can also go for other adventure sports activities such as snorkeling, surfing, angling and kayaking.

In the same lagoon as Bangaram, you will find two uninhabited islands of Thinnakara and Parali. At night, the coral sands sport a bluish glow – it is produced by the phosphorescent plankton washed ashore. If you go for a walk in the early mornings, you can catch turtles, birds and small animals. The resort offers island excursions, sunset cruises, sailing, diving, night diving, snorkelling, day fishing, night fishing, visits to sand banks, turtle watch and kayaking.

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