Conference / Meeting In Cruise

Pepper your business meetings with a little sunbathing and angling. Hard to imagine? Well, it will come true on one of our Conference Cruises – you can conduct a business meeting, presentation, product launch, corporate seminar, conference or official party on a cruise. Now that's something totally different.

Cruises offer presentation equipment, food, entertainment and meeting space. Plus extra activities as per request. The grand surroundings and liberal atmosphere helps you to think up new ideas for your company or to have a fabulous time with your colleagues. Unlike in a hotel, the new and interesting environs will soothe your souls. You can treat yourself to happy hours, night entertainment and personally chosen meals and themes rather than pre-planned items.

Guests can see many destinations, experience new cuisines and enjoy a business cum leisure outing. Cruise ship agencies will organise the meetings, invitations, equipment, accessories, games and team building exercises, food and cocktail parties, dances, customised gifts and baskets, as well as on board entertainment, spa services, shore excursions, internet packages and child care for the guests.

Many corporate clients choose cruise ships as the destination for their meetings because of the available flexible agendas, on board entertainment and five-star amenities for the guests. Plus, it's something that one would've never experienced before. Not to mention the various games and fun activities you can imagine engaging in, during the breaks.

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