Madh Island

  • It is more of a peninsula than an island. A small mangrove creek cuts it off from the mainland near Aksa. Madh Island is a group of fishing villages in northern Mumbai. There are two old forts in this area. Many movies and tele serials have been shot here. A lot of hotels and bungalows can be found here.

    Madh Island is usually a calm place, except when there are a few rave parties on, and people can walk from Dana Paani beach in Erangal to Aksa beach, during low tide. The main occupations of the people in Erangal are fishing and farmland cultivation. Population consists of Kolis, Roman Catholics and a few settlers from other areas.

    The Madh Fort, also known as Versova Fort, was built by the Portuguese as a watchtower for them. The Marathas captured it in February 1739. The fort is located around 15km from Malad. The fort looks over the sea and the Marve Creek. As it is located close to an Indian Naval base, the accessibility to the fort is restricted. But with permission from the Indian Air Force, you can get into it.

    The Church of St Bonaventure is a 16th century Portuguese church. It stands on the beach in Erangal. The annual Erangal Feast is celebrated on the second Sunday of January. During the feast thousands of people come to the area.

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